PosMark: shopfitting, merchandising and payment systems

PosMark is the specialist in shopfitting, merchandising and assembly and maintenance of cash registers and payment systems throughout the Netherlands.

In the field of shopfitting we take care of the partial or complete fitting, restyling and relocation of retail outlets: assembly and layout of shelf presentations, demo islands and cash register furniture and the installation and connection of payment systems and security gates. We also take care of the placing of narrowcasting and background music systems. In brief: we take care of the conversion of the entire shop while following the routing from entrance to exit.

Our merchandising division ensures that the products in your shop are visible and they look after the shelf maintenance. Our specialists visit the shops and take note of the presentation and distribution of your product on the shelf, rack or island. They carry out checks for defects, breakages and faults and correct these. This ensures an attractive and professional presentation of your product. Our employees also look after the inventory management. Product positioning is a specialist task and with almost 20 years of experience, PosMark is an expert in it.

Installing and maintaining payment systems is a third specialisation of PosMark. We can take care of the entire process: from assembling cash desk furniture to connecting cash register systems and electronic payment systems. On behalf of suppliers we also provide a call-out service.

PosMark works for retail chains, large retail outlets, DIY stores, hotels and supermarkets. We work with certified professionals. An experienced project manager ensures the project is realised as planned according to a clear set of instructions.

Via our sister company Winkelhanden BV we provide the proverbial extra hands for really busy moments. We now need extra hands urgently.

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